Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Down, 11 To Go!

One of my non-crafting "Twelve 12s" for the year was to get rid of 12 things.  This morning:
I sorted out TWENTY books from my library to donate.  TWENTY!!!  Okay, that's actually a really small percentage of my library, but all but 2 of these books have been with me a while, so they have survived more than a few book purges over the years and I am rather proud to have agreed to part with them.  A few examples,

2 books by motivational sales writer Tom Hopkins.  While in college, I sold Cutco knives and did reasonably well, but one of the things that happens when you're in tough, commission-only sales like that is that you are given (or go buy) every top sales book available to help increase your sales performance.  While there are some I liked, I now feel empowered enough to admit that I have always found Tom Hopkins an ego-enhanced ass.  There!  I said it.  I have TWO of the man's books, and I always wondered what was wrong with me because everyone else seemed to revere his books and I could never stand them.  Well NOW I am old enough to stand up and say "PHOOEY!" to his books and to him--out they go!!!

1 book by Dave Barry.  I always want to find Dave Barry funny, but just never seem to or not often enough to ever read more than a few pages in his book.  After 20+ years, I'm admitting I'll never read it.

Tuesdays With Morrie.  I learned a lot about ALS from this book, and as a friend of mine died from it not long after I read this, I thought it was helpful.  I still can't help finding Mitch Albom to be shallow and self-absorbed even at the end of the book.  It wasn't a bad book, but one reading was certainly enough for me.

Anastasia: The Riddle of Anna Anderson:  I really found this book to be interesting and pretty well done.  I admit, I hadn't ever bothered much with the "Anastasia" mythology/cult/whatever, but having found this book on a clearance table somewhere, I did find this book pretty fascinating.  I thought the author was pretty balanced and just tried to present the facts of Anna Anderson rather than the chest-pounding, I-am-right sort of treatment these subjects often get.  However, since the time this was written, DNA testing has proved that Anna Anderson was in no way related to the Romanovs, and I believe all the Romanov family bodies were found and identified, so I won't ever read this book again.

I still hope to get rid of more things we don't need, but it is nice--now that we're into the second quarter of the year--to be able to check off one of my "12s."  Now just 11 to go...........

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