Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Squash Wars - 2012

Okay--everyone knows my struggles to grow squash.  It's rather legendary amongst my friends, relatives, and those who are now part of the "I-can't-buy-seeds-where-SHE-does" seed boycott.  Probably for good reason.  So, it's time to get my squash and cucumber seeds going in their little vinegar jug greenhouses, so it's time to decide:

Do I try--yet again--to get certain types of squash by planting the seeds for those particular squashes, or should I plant different squashes and hope that my regular games of squash roulette will produce the squash I WANT, rather than the ones I plant?

At least gardening for ME has a much bigger element of surprise than it probably does for regular gardeners.......................

1 comment:

Edna's Art and Moves said...

Just think of the great adventure you would miss out on if you planted a squash and it turned out to be what you planted. I like the opportunity to be surprised, in your garden, of course. :)

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