Monday, May 28, 2012

New Lesson Learned This Week

Actually, there are two:

1.  If one's back is already hurting, it's probably not the opportune time to see if one can do something new

2.  One's ability to handle pain pills can change.

So....for the last couple months I've been doing some political consulting, which is probably not a great stress-free way to ease back into working.  I've been trying to still exercise, but I certainly haven't been as faithful as I had been before working.  Last weekend, for the first time in months, I had to move my hip back into place.  To a brighter person, this would have been a tip-off, but I have always been a bit of a slow-learner on these things, so I thought this week was THE opportune time to test out how long I could ride in a car.  Something less than 2 hours up one day and 2 hours back the next, it turns out.  Wednesday afternoon I drove up to my parents' ranch, stayed the night, and came back the next day.  I knew my back was hurting at the time, but it wasn't until early Friday morning that it decided to exact revenge.  So, I went back on full-strength pain medication............and was mostly out for the next 3 days.  I'm still a bit woozy today, but considering the last three days, I'm positively spunky.  I know with all the exercise and weight training my metabolism has definitely sped up, and it could have dropped my heart rate even lower, and I've been truly exhausted in the last couple weeks, so I suppose it isn't too surprising that I'm handling it differently, but I can only say that NOW.  It did not occur to me at all on Friday.  I can say that I am extremely well rested now and not doing anything overly exuberant today.  My plants are having the REAL excitement instead--they are enjoying their first outing:
Really, they should be going in the ground this weekend, but we're a bit behind this year.  I may try a few with vinegar jug covers overnight later this week just to get them all going, but I may also buy one very-advanced tomato plant to add to the mix.  We'll see.  The ones I started in the Wall of Water things last year really didn't come on any earlier than the others, so I'm not sure I would have bothered this year even if I had been physically able and not busy.  Remind me of this year if I ever get the bright idea to "live off the land."  We'd starve..........

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