Tuesday, June 19, 2012

12 Flowers

One of my "12 12s" for the year is to plant 12 different flowers.  I'm not counting the daisies,

which I planted a couple years ago and couldn't kill now if I tried.  They're rather smelly and they attract aphids, but there's still a lot to be said for flowers that grow with no help from me.

I've tried growing violas from seed several times, and they don't like me.  But,
(purple things on the bottom left) they seem to be surviving nicely in a pot where I put them as plants.  So, that's 1.  Then the petunias (2), the carnations (upper right) are number 3 as I added a second type of carnation to see if it helped with the scraggly can't-grow-upright single carnation I have been getting.  They grew and they're upright...but they don't smell nearly as nice as the vertically-challenged one.  So I may look for a third variety to add.

This is something called Linaria,
these are stocks,
bachelor buttons,
and if you can see it poking out from underneath the big squash plant and the little squash plant that is growing about 6 inches from where I put the seeds,
those lily-pad looking leaves are nasturtium, which are EVERYWHERE because they are supposed to repel squash bugs.  Unfortunately, I don't think they'll be able to help me with my real squash problem (never getting what I actually plant), but at least whatever I get should survive the summer.  Please let them not all turn out to be zucchini.......

So that's 7.  I bought marigolds (they refuse to grow from seed no matter what I do with them), planted several types of zinnias, cosmos (in an area where it's okay if they colonize), cleome, phlox (which the cats already got), heliotrope (cats), forget-me-nots (didn't grow), and 2 others which I have already forgotten because they didn't grow.  So I planted MORE than 12, but might actually get 12 to survive.  That would be very exciting.  I didn't make that the goal because I just didn't know if I could get 12 different flowers to survive the cats and my own black thumb.  If this keeps up, maybe next year I'll attempt a rose...........

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