Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Radical" Feminist Nuns Trying to Protect the Poor

By now, I think most of us have heard about the group of nuns who are touring America to speak out against the Republican's Ryan Budget, which proposes severe cuts to social programs.  The nuns, shockingly, believe helping the poor is the Christian thing to do, and have been criticized by the Vatican for being "radical feminists." Amazing.   Wouldn't that make Jesus a radical feminist as well?  I'm not a religious person, but he did say an awful lot about helping the poor and that sort of thing--the Socialist.  I can think of no image I enjoy more than a group of nuns on a bus tour:

Sister Simone Campbell has even appeared on Comedy Central's Colbert Nation, and held her own quite nicely:

You can learn more about Nuns on the Bus at their website:

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Mandy said...

Fascinating. Vested interests at play here?
I wish the nuns well in their quest.


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