Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Thoughts for Friday

* It shouldn't have, but it honestly surprised me to discover "Heart and Soul" included in a piano songbook.  Is there anyone who has ever even gotten NEAR the piano who didn't learn that one?

*  There's a point in the life of cat owners when waking up to dead rodent gifts stops even registering.

*  For every person actually working on a political campaign, there seem to be about 75 experts who know how it really SHOULD be done.

*  One of the happiest gardening moments I have each year is the moment when I see the squash plant branching out in the "winter-squash" pattern rather than the upright "zucchini plant" one.

*  If one can't remember if one has done all three sets of weights or just too, assuming it was all three is a lot less painful if one guesses wrong. 

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