Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ravelympics - U.S. Olympic Committee Says Knitting "Denigrates" Olympic Games

You've all heard me mention the Ravelympics, which I honestly care more about than the actual Olympics themselves, but the idea was always that knitters did events to coincide WITH the Olympics in order to watch them.   Well not this year.  Today the owners of Ravelry received a "cease and desist" letter saying the name had to be changed because knitting "denigrates" their athletes.  Yeah--and using athletes to hawk products like McDonalds and Dow Chemical is standing up to the noble ideas of fair play.  Technically, it's more like prostitution--just the legal variety.  I can certainly see how knitting would sully THAT.

So, the nearly 2 million members of Ravelry are furious.  I'm technically boycotting the games--though since I never watched them in the first place, it will be hard to notice.  BUT, in the age of social media, I think they're in for a bit of a firestorm.  The first news release is up already:

And, since it irritates them so much for the fine "sold-to-the-highest-bidder-no-matter-what-they-sell" Olympic games:


And now, since I can't do the noble thing of selling my knitting time to the nearest environment-harming, obesity-creating company with millions, I'll just have to take my disrespectful hobby outside and knit.  Maybe I'll work on a charity project.   THAT certainly will have nothing to do with the spirit of the United States Olympic Committee.

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