Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Good News And the Bad News

The good news is, we now have 17 pints of home made beef stew canned and ready for winter:
The bad news is, it was supposed to be 14 pints, and when the dreadfully unhelpful recipe said to "add enough boiling water to cover" the other ingredients, I covered them too much so we have more of a soup than a stew.  Not to mention leftovers that didn't fit into the canner, and what better way to round off a 91-degree day of canning when one has forgotten to close the windows and turn the air conditioning on than with a nice hot bowl of stew? 

I need this no-processed-foods thing to extend my life--I need the extra time to can.


carolyn said...

Ha! It'll all be worth it once winter hits and you're looking for easy, good food.

Abby said...

I'm thinking beef 'n noodles.

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