Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thyme for Andy

Yesterday some of our more optimistic friends gave Andy two thyme plants--one for the garden and one
for inside.  Now Andy normally just does the heavy gardening stuff, and has never been allowed to be in charge of houseplants, but this time we have made an exception.   Last year I planted thyme and TWO different friends gave me thyme--and I killed it all.  I couldn't have killed them faster if I had some sort of herb vendetta impulse.  So, in the interests of these poor plants having any chance AT ALL, they belong to Andy.  We figured if these poor plants knew they had been assigned to my "death zone" care they would give up the will to live immediately, so we'll see how this works out.  We have nowhere to go but up!

1 comment:

Sue Ann Kendall said...

Surprisingly, my thyme from last year survived our drought and is now a really attractive and large plant (for thyme)

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