Saturday, July 14, 2012


Some years I have really enjoyed gardening..........but this isn't one of them.
The extreme heat here (combined with my delay in planting) has stopped the tomatoes in their tracks.  Usually, we get huge plants, but this year I think this might be as tall as they get.  Obviously, I'm not being overly zealous about weeding--though I do some--and this year I'm not using cages because I've read that shading the roots helps retain water, and I think they'll need all the help they can get.

Luckily, the "godetia monarch dwarf" flower seems to not mind the heat AND continues flowering,  
so we have a new "keeper."   The cool new Starlight Zinnia is pretty uneventful in person:
 The "stars" are pretty hard to see on some of the flowers, but at least they're bushy and prolific and can survive the heat.  I was getting a bit concerned about my cool striped zinnias from last year, as the first flowers from the seeds were not striped at all:
and I was worried that the striping was a hybrid sort of thing, but the striped one are kicking in now--you can see one poking out of the leaves there.  No sign of a Whirligig Zinnia yet, but I'm sure I planted some somewhere. 

The zucchini are finally getting going......and I found squash bug eggs on them this morning.  So much for nasturtium repelling the darn things.  I've bombed all the squash with pesticide.  Organic be damned--this is war!
 I think we can finally say we're growing pumpkins:
 and "red" hubbards, which seem to be yellow. 
The seed packed doesn't say if these get as big as the green ones, and it seems inconceivable as this plant is just COVERED in squash.  I don't really see how one (or maybe two--always possible) plant could grow 10 or more 35-pound squash, but if they do.........I'll have to ask Andy how he feels about consuming 350 pounds of squash in one year.......

And our more elusive kitty, Calisto, was in her element this morning:
She is our garden girl, and while she doesn't actually like to have her tummy rubbed like Theo does, she has noticed how much attention he gets with the cute tummy trick, so she has thoroughly adopted it--and even chirps and mews at you until you see her.  The ham..........


Abby said...

I am a discouraged gardener this year, too. Too hot and too dry. Squash bugs are why I don't try to grow winter squash - by the time the zucchini succumbs I am sick of it anyway.

Mandy said...

Much more fun to play with cats than to do the gardening while it is so hot.
Here we are having the opposite problem as distinctly wet summer. Our strawberries are still prolific, but we have to get at the ripening fruits before they start to rot..........

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