Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's The First Weekend of Canning!

*  I must remember to check the seed packets to figure out what the heck the itty-bitty miniature bell peppers are supposed to be.

*  Nothing makes me forgive the garden quicker than finally getting enough cucumbers to make pickles.

*  I do think our no-processed-foods diet will make us live longer.  Of course, I'll be spending that extra time canning.

*  Next time I say I'm giving the zucchini Miracle Grow, I expect my friends to stage an intervention.

*  It would probably be a good idea to decide while planting whether or not I'll be working during canning season.  I am foreseeing some very cranky/exhausted Sunday nights.

*  It might be much smarter to start harvest season with an empty freezer, but having one bursting at the seams is so much more challenging..........

*  I have learned to kick off canning season with the things I really want--salsa and pickles.  I don't know anyone who would really get excited about more relish.

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