Monday, August 13, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

* Making French toast in the refrigerator overnight works MUCH better if one remembers it the next morning.

*  Facebook is there to remind us why the people of our past are NOT always those in our present.

*  Boise does NOT have traffic cameras to stop people from running red lights.  Boise has "live" cameras that allow the highway district to see just how far they have managed to back up traffic by putting road construction on 3 successive streets.

*  When one of the laziest people I have ever known starts posting jokes about the work ethic of we liberals, it's time to declare the election season craziness officially begun.

*  Right now would be when I start wondering why I went to all the trouble of saving the zucchini from the squash bugs

*  Someone at Burpee seed company really cannot tell the difference between acorn and pattypan squash, and this person works in the seed packet division

*  Hummingbirds love yellow zinnia.  Now I just wish I knew how I got them--I think they're where I planted the whirligig ones.

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