Saturday, September 22, 2012

And We End Week Four.......... the emergency room.  The night before last, Dad started not feeling good and throwing up, then got a fever.  He's on such strong antibiotics, he shouldn't even be able to get an infection.  We consulted his doctor, who said we're not taking any chances, and they took Dad to the emergency room last night.

The hospital did lots of tests in the ER, then admitted him at 3:00 AM to keep him for observation and more tests.  If Blue Cross had followed the doctor's wishes instead of their own, he would still have been in the hospital Thursday night and this could have all been avoided.  I hope they enjoy paying for the ER visit and all the subsequent tests. 

Dad is doing better this morning, but we're not sure if he's in the hospital for another day or going back to the care center.  At least since it's a new admission, the doctors have some say for a while.

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