Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Or Not So Much

Okay, Dad will not be going home this week.  He had surgery this morning to drain the spinal abscesses, but there is a new one that they found, so they'll aspirate it maybe tonight.  We thought he would be having surgery 2 weeks ago, but he was just so very sick at that point that he wouldn't have survived any surgery.  Knowing he's improved enough in two weeks to be able to have surgery does sort of make me feel better, but I still had a nervous night, and when they moved Mom and I to a private consultation room instead of just using the one in the main waiting area and the only handouts in the room were "How to handle the dreaded call" and one on the hospital chaplain services, the hospital almost gained two patients for heart failure or stress.  It was the longest 20 minutes of my life, and several hours later, I'm still shaking.  Dad came through the surgery just fine, but I am going to suggest to the hospital that they add a few more brochures to that room.  The surgery went fine, but that new abscess and just the fact that he has been so sick and needs to be close to medical attention in case there are more problems means he's probably got two more weeks in the hospital.  BUT, considering what I thought we were going to hear while we were in that room, "still very sick" is an okay thing to hear today.  We can work with that.

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Melodye said...

Ive been in that room. Every minute seems like 5. I think it's the "just in case" room. "Just in case" they have to give you the worst news possible. Glad to hear that your Dad is out of the woods. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your Mom and Dad.

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