Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Six Years And Counting

Sunday was our 6-year wedding anniversary.  Obviously, this is kind of a tough time for us, so we had gone shopping for our annual perfume/cologne exchange early this year so we could do it one of the days my mother was in town as a break for all of us.  This year, I got THE most elaborate bottle ever:
The clerk said that some people bought it just because of the bottle, which sounds spontaneous but risky as there are scents I truly dislike.  Because this is our 7th exchange (one for the wedding), we were looking for things very different than what we already have, and I had narrowed it down to this one or another one in a much tamer bottle--both were sort of spicy, which I don't already have.  I think the clerk thought I picked the cutest bottle, but in reality this one was $30 less than the other one, and considering 6 years ago we were only having to spend $50 each in total, there was no way I was picking such an outrageously overpriced scent.  We are going to be tweaking this a bit for next year, but in the meantime, I think I might need to display this baby somewhere.............

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