Friday, September 14, 2012

Things I've Learned This Week

*  When the going gets tough, the tough ignore the zucchini

*  Even if one is the favorite aunt, understandably, the first-time hatching of lizard eggs STILL takes precedence over one's birthday

*  There isn't a mother in the world who can compete with the worrying level of a 91-year old "mommy"

*  I've always known armchair quarterbacks, but thought that armchair political campaign managers might be the wost wide-spread unqualified experts.  That still might be true, but armchair doctors run a very close second.

*  Sarah Palin might have been right about those "death panel" things after all, only they actually already exist and they're called "Blue Cross Insurance."

*  Even if you have to chase it down and catch it in the bedroom yourself, a live mouse birthday gift from your cat really probably is a token of affection

*  One of THE best problems I have ever had is trying to keep up with the calls/emails/messages from friends to see how I'm doing and how my father is doing and seeing if we need anything.  Not that anyone ever wants to go through a crisis, but it's a whole lot easier to do it when one has friends on one's side.

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Alacaeriel said...

Happy birthday! Also, yay for friends! When my mother "took a tumble" (read as came remarkably close to death) late last year, my phone was running hot with calls from my friends and Mum's friends checking to see if Mum and/or I needed anything.

Also, what did the poor zucchini do? Not grow at all or overgrow? Or is it popping up where it wasn't planted and has no right to be?


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