Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm Making A List..........

Since I'm supposed to be taking it slowly with my back and I'm pretty much incapable of that most of the time, I'm working to find activities that I'm generally sure are safe.  Today was updating our gift list--which I think even I am safe with.

It sounds like I'm a complete dweeb, but I keep our gift list on a spreadsheet.  I didn't used to do so, but once in a while I'd forget whether I'd already given someone something or not, so I resorted to a list.  Usually it helps keep me on top of things as well, though this year I think almost every gift so far has been late.  It really just hasn't been my year. 

This is the BIG overhaul--adding people to the list, bumping some of them off.  Call me a grouch, but I demote people pretty quickly to "just a card" when they can't bother to thank us for a gift.  You can chalk that one up to my mother (who has now sent us TWO thank-you gifts for her stay here during Dad's illness) who was very insistent on thank-you notes.  As an adult, I can certainly see why.  If someone is thoughtful enough to send you a gift or acted as hosts or done something nice for you and you can't be bothered to say "thank you," you really don't deserve their kindness.  Call me a grouch, but maybe I just know enough terrific people to be spoiled on this point, and I'd rather spend my time and energy on those whom I know appreciate the effort versus the ones who are too lazy to even EMAIL a thank-you.  So the Gift List Overhaul happens every year, and honestly makes me very excited about gifts for the people who remain on the list--or who have just been added.  I love gift-gifting, and it's nice to know that it's appreciated.

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Alacaeriel said...

Sorry, I don't think you're a complete dweeb. Making a spreadsheet if giftees sounds like a fantastic idea to me. I might take it a step further and put the spreadsheet on my iPhone so I can check it when I'm out shopping ;-)

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