Saturday, November 10, 2012

Little House On The Prairie, The Play-At-Home Version

My day:
pressure canning my first original canned soup recipe: curried beef soup with vegetables.  Also known as, "we need the freezer space" soup.  The pressure canner continues to scare me just a bit, but I basically combined two "approved" soup recipes and used the longest of the processing times required, so we're still on the safe side.  My back is sore, but not in the "uh-oh, shouldn't-have-done-that" type of way.  Just in the "this-is-really-exhausting" sort of way, which is progress, especially since that's probably how I'd feel if I weren't injured anyway.  18 pints of soup are now cooling and I'm feeling ready for winter.

Andy spent his day working on:
a permanent greenhouse!  After the fabric one had the fatal rototiller accident, we decided that we really would like a permanent one, even though we actually never got to use the fabric greenhouse.  Mercifully, there isn't a zipper anywhere near the new one, so nothing can get ripped apart by big winds.  The damage I can do while actually growing things, of course, remains......

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