Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random Update Thursday

*  When advice differs between last year's physical therapist and this year's, follow the advice that doesn't result in muscle inflammation.

*  It's a bad moment when your cat has been playing with a dead mouse by flinging it up in the air and catching it, and you turn around to find him looking up at the kitchen table.  Even when you know you're about to find a dead mouse on the kitchen table, that still doesn't mean you're prepared for it.

*  Just in case it takes me a while, I have started the January book for book club, The Language of Flowers. Victorians assigned every flower a "message," which is a cool idea, though knowing MY gardening luck, I'm probably about to find out that my front flower bed is shouting obscenities to the neighborhood......

*  Normally, I would be getting stressed about getting gifts mailed off on time right about now, but between knowing most people will understand, some of the gifts won't even generate a thank you note, and the rest are as far behind as I am really takes the pressure off.  

*  Recovering from an injury gives one lots of time to catch up on reading--often making one unable to do much else--but it doesn't work for all types of reading.  I had intended to listen to Little Women, which is one of the classics of literature I've never read, but it's really hard to be in pain, read about a bunch of girls sitting around complaining about not getting Christmas gifts, and thinking of them as anything but annoying whiners.  

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