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My New Toy From The Physical Therapist

Why yes, it does really hurt to be flipped by a 3-foot-long rubber band.......


Since it's fall and we recently received a side of beef from my parents, the freezers here at the Chateau are rather filled.  I blame it on the pain medication that I managed to forget this little problem when I bought these:
Fred Meyer often has "red-band" bananas, which are 10-20 cents cheaper per pound than the others, and most of the time I just peel and freeze them.  I used to always sprinkle a bit of lemon juice on them to keep them from browning, but now I've just opted to live with the browning.  It doesn't seem to make much difference in smoothies.

This year I came up with the rather brilliant idea of making and freezing smoothies to have for a fast, no-processed-food breakfast:
which worked really well while the weather was hot, though after trying one this week and shivering for several minutes thereafter, I'm thinking that will be the last batch until spring.  And it didn't use up nearly as many bananas as I had hoped, so Andy dug out the deh…

Toni Flirts With Reality

I don't think I'm going to be making a habit of being reasonable or anything, but for this year I have decided to not bother with the end of the tomatoes.  

That's right--this year there was no mad-dash out to save every green tomato before frost.  No frenzied after-harvest canning, no green tomato curry, no relish, no salsa.  It helps that we still haven't used everything I canned last year, but the final straw was that I'm back in physical therapy and the therapist has stressed above all else that my back needs to rest until everything calms down.  I do still plan to make a bit more soup when I'm more certain of my back, but for now--nothing.  No fall decorations, no scurrying around for parties or events.  I am just taking it easy.  ME. 

It's an odd idea to come to terms with.......

This is What the Market Looks Like Since the Last Election

I know that those who choose to watch Fox News are not likely to let facts or graphs get in the way of a good prejudice, but this is a 5-year graph of the market.  That free-fall?  2008, during Bush's administration. 

Meet Plantzilla

is a nasturtium seedling. The zinnia seedling right next to it sort of makes sense, as I can't seem to get rid of the things since I planted them in this bed.  But I've only planted nasturtiums in the BACK garden beds.  This little monster is in the FRONT flower bed.  Never mind the cosmos or the zinnias--nasturtiums can actually LEAP a two story house!

Be very afraid...........

Morning Funny

Really, if you can't even master your native language, you are going to get laughed at.

Do You Think There Are REALLY Any Undecided Voters Left?

I've been working as a political consultant (campaign coordinator on a Congressional race, then campaign manager on a state senate race), and I'm one of those weirdos who rather enjoys politics, but even I am sick of the election.  How bad is it for those who didn't find it fun in the first place?

Early voting opened this week, and I went yesterday after my physical therapy, and I am pleased to say there was a line.  The part of me that isn't sick of the whole thing was thrilled to see people eager to vote, though the thought occurred to me that we were all waiting to vote early because we're all sick and tired of the election.  I know the debates have only just started, but there isn't a thing in the world that Romney could say that would make me vote for him, and every Romney supporter I know would say the same for Obama.  So who on earth are these "undecided" voters?  I don't think the US has been so polarized since the Civil War or the Civil R…


Though frankly, if my binder came with Ann Coulter, I'd just burn it.............


Dear World,

I voted today.  Now please leave me alone.

Waiting For 1:00

At 1:00 PM today I have an appointment with a physical therapist, who will yank my hip back into place and I will be able to:

1. Cut back on the pain pills, which make me nauseous
2. Cut back on the muscle relaxers, which make me unconscious
3. Get back to my exercises, which will save me from going through this nightmare again.

5 hours to go!!!!!!!!!!

Getting Back to "Normal"

Dad is still home and definitely improving, but he'll have a LONG way to go before he's back to his usual self, and they're still keeping an eye on several things, but when he was here in Boise for his first follow-up appointment Monday, he got to wear jeans for the first time in 6 weeks and actually got to go to a restaurant, so that was exciting. 

We all keep talking about getting back to "normal," but it turns out, I don't know what that is.  I'm seeing the back specialist today because the stress and disruption of my exercising has completely fried my back, so I'll probably be back in physical therapy next week.  That's not really "normal."  We covered our garden every night over the weekend as it dipped below freezing, but much didn't survive anyway, so I may not be doing much more canning this month.  That isn't "normal."  I'm still supposed to be the volunteer campaign manager for a state senate race (which i…

He Got To Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 5 weeks and a day in the hospital, Dad actually got to go home on Monday!!!