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What I Have Learned From My Spam Filter

*  Most of the world is either looking to get something implanted into their bodies or looking to sue over getting things implanted into their bodies

*  There are many bored, married women looking to have an affair with me

*  People all over the world are just waiting to send me money in order to shelter it.  Obviously, they've never heard of banks in the Cayman Islands.

*  I may have fathered an illegitimate child when I was about 5 years old, and she now wants to get in touch with me

*  The most important thing to look for in buying a watch is that it is a replica.  Not sure of what, though.

*  There are hundreds of banks just waiting to loan me $1000 and this is something I'm supposed to get excited about.

*  A good chunk of my friends have been mugged and are stranded overseas without anything except, inexplicably, internet access

The Great Greenhouse Experiment

More things are sprouting!  Even though we have a heater in the greenhouse, everything is still sprouting better with my high-tech seedling insulating system:
(a.k.a. "grocery bags.")  I have some spring greens and broccoli sprouting here:
 we have spinach sprouting everywhere, and our little rose is surviving:
Technically, it probably would have survived being put outside, but I didn't take the time to harden it off, and thought the shock of moving outside after being a houseplant most of its life might kill it.  Not that I don't stand a good chance of doing that anyway, but this gives it a fighting chance. 

We're pretty excited, and trying to ignore the fact that the weather is still so mild that we could probably be growing spinach outside right now......

Random Tuesday

*  One of the few drawbacks to being married is that when one gets a cold, one has passed it on to one's spouse before any symptoms even start.

*  We have spinach sprouting in the greenhouse!  Without a doubt, this is the most excited I've ever been about spinach

*  It doesn't really help to find out just after that maybe my back isn't ready for something

*  That I've finished my 100 books for the year a month early STILL doesn't qualify as a perk of the hip/back thing

*  I'm hoping to be able to do the elliptical machine next week.  I can't believe I'm looking forward to that.

*  I roasted a turkey today, and I am happy to report that NO ONE has needed to visit the emergency room

A Little Early T-Day Humor


To Kick Off The Holiday Season

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One Year Ago Today:

*  Wake up at 7:00 after a long Nyquil-induced night which you hoped would relieve the back pain from having thrown your back out the day before.

*  Make your way to the bathroom, only to realize you are about to pass out.

*  With as much grace and speed as one can muster with a sore back, get down to the floor before actually passing out.

*  Realize now that you're on the floor, you can't get back up

*  Have husband hand you 3 Advil tablets to see if you can numb the pain enough to get off the floor, which you now wish you had swept over the weekend.

*  After a while and repeated examinations by both cats, realize it's rather hopeless.  Consider spending the entire day on the floor.  Wish part of the bathroom was carpeted.

*  Admit defeat and allow husband to call for paramedics.

*  Give the neighbors plenty to talk about as both an ambulance AND a fire truck pull up outside your house.

*  Surrender any last trace of dignity you were pretending you might have had…

Good Pain v. Bad Pain

My physical therapist has turned me loose, though I have 30 days to go back without having to get a prescription for it.  (Which I find it really odd to have to get a prescription for physical therapy, but that's another story)  So, my assignment now is strength-building and exercise, but without overdoing--which I managed to do in less than 24-hours.  I'm allowed to push a bit, and we discussed "good sore" versus "bad sore."  "Good sore" is just tired muscles or stiffness.  "Bad sore" is swollen back muscles (which I've only managed to do once) and/or strain or sharp pain.  Yesterday I sort of fell between the two, so if one looks at it a certain way, I've only half overdone.  That's something.

Health Reform Quiz

What do you actually know about the Affordable Care Act and what is media nonsense?  A quick quiz from the Kaiser foundation:

November 11 - Armistice Day


Little House On The Prairie, The Play-At-Home Version

My day:
pressure canning my first original canned soup recipe: curried beef soup with vegetables.  Also known as, "we need the freezer space" soup.  The pressure canner continues to scare me just a bit, but I basically combined two "approved" soup recipes and used the longest of the processing times required, so we're still on the safe side.  My back is sore, but not in the "uh-oh, shouldn't-have-done-that" type of way.  Just in the "this-is-really-exhausting" sort of way, which is progress, especially since that's probably how I'd feel if I weren't injured anyway.  18 pints of soup are now cooling and I'm feeling ready for winter.

Andy spent his day working on:
a permanent greenhouse!  After the fabric one had the fatal rototiller accident, we decided that we really would like a permanent one, even though we actually never got to use the fabric greenhouse.  Mercifully, there isn't a zipper anywhere near the new one, …

A Little Farming Humor............



I think I speak for most people--
 and cats--

when I say THANK HEAVENS THE ELECTION IS OVER!!!!!!  In their election night speeches, both Romney and President Obama called for a joining together and moving forward, but I am not too optimistic, largely because of this:

Snopes articles about President Bush
Snopes articles about Romney
Snopes articles about President Obama

Not counting anything listed as "half true" or anything except false, there were

9 untrue rumors circulating about Romney
17 untrue rumors about George W. Bush, even though he spent 8 years in office
85 untrue rumors about President Obama

That level of hate that it takes to generate so many false stories and to circulate and believe them is just not going to go away or compromise.  Whether or not one likes a candidate, to automatically believe anything no matter how "out there" is really just a matter of determined hate.  I remember when the rumor first surfaced that President George W. Bush k…


Just as I was starting to enjoy NOT being flooded with election emails, the Black Friday ones begin.  Why yes, after the one day a year truly dedicated to stopping and appreciating everything in our lives, getting up at 4:00 AM to trample others to buy myself cheap electronics made by people in foreign countries who cannot possibly be earning a liveable wage and which I don't need REALLY is how I would like to kick-off the season of giving and good will toward all.  On what other day of the year can we completely trash the meaning of TWO holidays simultaneously?

Whatever--I'm Moving On To Christmas

This has been a long, looooonnng year.  Between my hip/back problems, Dad's illness, and the divisiveness of the election, I'm ready for some serious happiness and goodwill.  I didn't put up fall decorations this year and I'm sort of missing them.  A friend very sweetly offered to come put them up for me, but this year I have decided to move on to Christmas early.  Usually, I'm not a huge fan of Christmas before Thanksgiving, but this year I think ALL of the U.S. could stand to move on to the spirit of giving and goodwill (or at least those who believe that Christmas isn't about the stampede of greed), so I am going to wrap gifts today and there may WELL be a tree going up this weekend.

Happy Holidays!

I'm Making A List..........

Since I'm supposed to be taking it slowly with my back and I'm pretty much incapable of that most of the time, I'm working to find activities that I'm generally sure are safe.  Today was updating our gift list--which I think even I am safe with.

It sounds like I'm a complete dweeb, but I keep our gift list on a spreadsheet.  I didn't used to do so, but once in a while I'd forget whether I'd already given someone something or not, so I resorted to a list.  Usually it helps keep me on top of things as well, though this year I think almost every gift so far has been late.  It really just hasn't been my year. 

This is the BIG overhaul--adding people to the list, bumping some of them off.  Call me a grouch, but I demote people pretty quickly to "just a card" when they can't bother to thank us for a gift.  You can chalk that one up to my mother (who has now sent us TWO thank-you gifts for her stay here during Dad's illness) who was very …

Dear Back Muscles:

Dear Back Muscles:

I realize I was perhaps a bit over-exuberant yesterday with the exercises.  I can see know that double the number of the new exercises was, indeed, maybe a mistake, and that maybe starting with just half an hour of pool walking might have been a better way to start than a full hour.  I see that.  But in the future, when I'm overdoing it a bit, if you could just let me know at the time so I could cease doing whatever it is rather than waiting until 3:00 in the morning, it would be greatly appreciated.


Toni and the newly taken half tablet of Valium