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I Feel Great!

There was a time in my life when I might have hesitated to publicly admit that I was home on New Years Eve.  BUT that was long before the back issues started, and in case I wasn't having enough fun, I came down with a cold Friday, so slept much of the weekend. 

Today, however, I felt like a human.  For the first time in about 6 weeks, my back barely hurt and I was able to do a full PT workout AND it didn't land me back in bed with a heating pad!!!!!!!!!  This is very exciting!  Just last week I was excited over lasting on Christmas until just when my parents were leaving, and it still put me flat in bed all the next day.  I have been up!  I have been human!  I have seen other rooms in our house besides the bedroom!  This is VERY exciting!

Of course, this also removes my excuse for the holiday letter STILL not being done, but as we call it a "holiday" letter, I'm thinking Martin Luther King Day is looking like a nice holiday.............

Not A Creature Was Stirring.......

Okay, maybe not exactly, but we are having our very first quiet Christmas.  Normally, Christmas is amazingly busy, which is fun.  We've spent most of our married Christmases traveling to see family, but a couple years ago I finally put my foot down and said we wanted to spend Christmas in our OWN home, and I have been a Christmas maniac for the last couple years--hosting friends on Christmas Eve, Christmas night--even one year throwing in a Christmas brunch as well.  It's tiring, but great fun.  But this year even I had to admit that my back was not going to be up to it.  I made it to a Christmas party Saturday night, but in order to get there I had to rest most of the day and not do too much physical therapy in order to get there, and I think I just need to be able to do what my back needs to have happen, so for the first time EVER, we're having frozen pizza and watching movies for Christmas Eve!  I don't think I'd want to do it very often but knowing it would be …

On Being a Girl......

As a female, I really like having groups of close female friends.  Women are wonderful (which I can safely say now as I finally married in my mid-30s and my marry-extremely-early family can stop wondering if I am a lesbian--not that there's anything wrong with that........), and I actually feel sorry for American men that they just don't form the close friendship bonds that women do.  Only this week I met a girlfriend for coffee and it hasn't exactly been a great year for either of us, but just knowing that and still being able to pause for a bit to relax together makes it easier.  Another girlfriend and I were recently talking about the "yeah, whatever" approach to the holidays so many of us have had to take this year.  We each normally host Christmas parties, but this year she had surgery and I'm having back problems, so we each scrapped them.  The funny thing is we both have the reputation of "dropping" people from parties, so we were joking abou…


So glad they were out of the Mayan calendar tablecloths when we went to Mexico for our honeymoon so we got the Aztec one instead:
because the Mayan one would have only good for 1500+ years before expiring today.......

Happy Not-The-End-Of-The-World-Day

Did anyone actually know people who believed the world would end today?
And why is it that I strongly suspect that the only people who honestly believed the Mayans correctly predicted the end of the world for today were the people least likely to know who the Mayans actually were?

Well, I Know Where I Stand....

I still get some of Get-Well Kitty's time, but mostly he's waiting for Santa....


I spend most my days knitting right now.  This would be a more enjoyable state of affairs if it wasn't because my back is fried, but as weird as it sounds (considering I've spent most of the day laying flat), I think I'm finally on the mend.

What I have is called "sacroiliac joint dysfunction."  I'd provide a link to something helpful if I could, but while it is the first thing I've ever looked up on Web MD that didn't say death was likely or even eminent, I don't recognize anything they describe.  In layman's terms (and thank heavens I was referred to a specialist who speaks Layman fluently), this is the most common cause of back pain for women.  If you look at your pelvic bones (which is sort of impossible, I realize, so maybe visualizing the bones would be better) there's not really anything to hold them in place except muscle.  Because women often have children, our pelvic bones are designed to be more prone to movement.  It…

The Language of Flowers

My book club is currently reading The Language of Flowers.  I've always found it interesting that Victorians used flowers and plants to convey secret messages--or maybe not so secret, depending on who saw your flowers, I suppose.  I'm not very far along in the book because I keep falling asleep while listening to it, but so far I have discovered:

*  Right now one is greeted at our front door by "refusal" and "resentment."  And there I was, just thrilled that some flowers were still alive

* "Innocence" is really prone to aphids

*  We have been overrun by "wisdom" and have been pawning it off on anyone who has come to our house recently

*  I felt stupid enough when I killed off an arborvitae shrub at my old house because they're so low-maintenance. Now that I know it stands for "everlasting friendship," I feel guilty as well

*  I lost "conviction" a few years ago because I forgot to dig it up at the end of summer

* …

Random Update Thursday

*  When advice differs between last year's physical therapist and this year's, follow the advice that doesn't result in muscle inflammation.

*  It's a bad moment when your cat has been playing with a dead mouse by flinging it up in the air and catching it, and you turn around to find him looking up at the kitchen table.  Even when you know you're about to find a dead mouse on the kitchen table, that still doesn't mean you're prepared for it.

*  Just in case it takes me a while, I have started the January book for book club, The Language of Flowers. Victorians assigned every flower a "message," which is a cool idea, though knowing MY gardening luck, I'm probably about to find out that my front flower bed is shouting obscenities to the neighborhood......

*  Normally, I would be getting stressed about getting gifts mailed off on time right about now, but between knowing most people will understand, some of the gifts won't even generate a th…

The King's Speech

I don't usually do book reviews, but this one I thought was special.
We saw the movie, of course, and I was rather doubtful about the book because
     1. it was written after the movie
     2. it was written by the grandson of the speech coach
     3. it has the idiotic subtitle of "How one man saved the British Monarchy."

Nevertheless, it was a wonderful book.  I borrowed the audio book from the library so I got to hear King George VI's actual speeches, and knowing everything he went through just to give them made them especially touching.  Personally, I think everyone should read this book--not necessarily because it is great literature or that everyone should care about the British Monarchy--but because it is a great portrayal of a man struggling with the most public speech impediment of all time.

Perhaps I identify with him more than most, because I have a slight speech impediment involving the letter "s," and could readily identify with the humiliatio…

And Today............

In today's spam filter: 
       a senior citizen dating site
       a viagra ad
       and a life insurance come-on. 

 I think my spam folder has been taken over by the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith.........................