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Isn't That the Truth?


New Year's Resolutions

You might have noticed that, for once, I have not made any New Year's Resolutions this year.  Normally, I really love thinking of new projects to do for the year, but with my back being almost as bad as it was last year and a long, hard year finished, I think my main focus this year is just going to be to get my back healed.  The fact that I was out breaking ice off the sidewalk and driveway yesterday and can actually still MOVE today is progress, but I still have a long way to go.

I am, however, continuing my 100-books-a-year project, and have one new twist to add this year:  at least 12 of the books need to be books I have moved at least once and which may not be shelf-worthy.  This came about mostly from this:
I picked up this little book on a clearance table somewhere or perhaps through a discount book seller while I still lived at the Orange-Carpet apartment (a memorable, aesthetically-challenged apartment that was home to some of the best parties I have ever thrown), which m…

I Am Channeling Boo Radley

Today I made it until 2:00.  Some days I've made it until 4:00, but this extreme cold has pretty much stopped life here at the Château.  I don't seem to be able to dress warm enough to go outside without managing to aggravate the pulled back muscles, and even staying inside dressing as warmly as I can stand, I've had several bad days that resulted in Valium and movies, and aside from having the girls over last Monday for knitting night, I've been drugged and in bed with the heating pad by about 5:00 every night.  I think the neighbors have started to question my existence....

The good news is that Wednesday is supposed to reach 31--which isn't above freezing but is at least above 20--and by weekend it is supposed to finally get above freezing.  Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Updates

*  Sometimes the "just go until it hurts" program works.  Sometimes it doesn't..........and one never knows the difference until the next morning

*   In spite of several painful days this week, I still don't think anything is quite as painful as the probability that I sprained my ass while doing physical therapy

*  I'm not sure what the temperature threshold needs to be for either the cats or myself to be willing to go outside, but it hasn't hit it this week.  It hasn't often gotten above 20.

*  Bored kitty-cats appreciate some extra catnip now and then.  Or every day........

It's 5 Degrees Outside

....which explains why I am almost exclusively INSIDE these days.  Besides just being miserable out, the secondary (actual) back injury (not the original hip problem that just CAUSED back pain but without there being any actual back damage) seems to really hate cold.  We found this out when the first cold snap 2 weeks ago left me laying completely flat and doped to the gills for two days.  As there was also icing of my backside involved, this isn't an experience I am anxious to repeat, so I am leading a Boo Radley existence at the moment, though as of yet I'm not leaving any sort of gifts for neighborhood children.

We did get a break in the cold to get a week of snow last week, which is a bit unusual for Boise.  Usually we get snow, everyone crashes into each other on their way to work because they fail to grasp that 4-wheel-drive doesn't mean one can drive 60 MPH on slick roads--especially with any desire for stops that don't involve impact--and then it all melts off …


I love to watch the change of seasons on Pinterest. We've moved out of "Christmas things I'm way too lazy to make" and have moved into "Valentine's things I'm way too lazy to make."

Conversations Now Possible At Chateau Sutton-Goar

Andy (seeing wife visibly limping):  "Is your back starting to hurt again?"

Toni:  "Not starting--actually hurting"

Andy:  "Want me to get out the electrodes?"

And some people thought we'd already reached maximum weirdness by now........