Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's 5 Degrees Outside

....which explains why I am almost exclusively INSIDE these days.  Besides just being miserable out, the secondary (actual) back injury (not the original hip problem that just CAUSED back pain but without there being any actual back damage) seems to really hate cold.  We found this out when the first cold snap 2 weeks ago left me laying completely flat and doped to the gills for two days.  As there was also icing of my backside involved, this isn't an experience I am anxious to repeat, so I am leading a Boo Radley existence at the moment, though as of yet I'm not leaving any sort of gifts for neighborhood children.

We did get a break in the cold to get a week of snow last week, which is a bit unusual for Boise.  Usually we get snow, everyone crashes into each other on their way to work because they fail to grasp that 4-wheel-drive doesn't mean one can drive 60 MPH on slick roads--especially with any desire for stops that don't involve impact--and then it all melts off by about 2:00 PM and everything is fine.  THIS year we have snow on the ground, and poor Andy has actually been stuck with doing the snow shoveling, which I usually take care of.  I did do the shoveling Friday before the latest cold snap, but have learned that there are different types of soreness to be on the lookout for.  Just muscles-being-exercised is fine, but when the you're-going-to-regret-this-for-a-week kicks in, I am done with whatever I'm trying to do.  This latter category is new to me this year, and it's not to be messed with it seems.  "Just work it off" may or may not have been a great idea in high school sports, but in one's 40s, this attitude apparently leads to things like drugs, heating pads, and having one's sanity questioned by just about everyone one knows.  Wisdom may not automatically come with age, but the expectation of it does.................

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