Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Spring In The Greenhouse!

We're growing things!
 Spinach is EVERYWHERE, the lettuce survived my transplanting efforts,
and even the carrots, broccoli, and cilantro are doing well.
Now comes the part we hadn't previously thought of: what to do with the plants that have outgrown their little pots?  We don't have any more of the bigger pots.  Since all this is cool-weather stuff, I think at least the spinach can be moved outside.  As we have two entire flats of seedlings, killing a few of them off wouldn't be such a bad thing.  They aren't in cycles or anything--both flats were planted on the same day, so we're about to be overrun by the stuff. 

To follow suit,

I've been putting up spring decorations in the house as well.  I haven't put them up in a few years, so it's sort of fun.
Not to mention that I am really tired of winter.  I think I would even have primroses growing outside right now if I didn't keep killing them.  We have some spring bulbs, and so far I haven't seen any mole or vole activity in the flower beds, so the race is on.  We planted daffodils and something else (I'll look it up when I actually see something growing), and several new types of irises (iri?) that the little monsters won't eat, so now they just have to be able to survive my gardening skills.  I wish them the very best of luck..............

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