Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lessons Learned This Week

*  While Valium usually knocks me silly, there are the occasional nights when it hypes me up and I can't sleep, leaving me worse off the next day than I was to begin with.  I just love a relationship that keeps reinventing itself.

*  Never schedule a vet appointment for when your spouse is out of town.  The stress can often make kitties nervous enough to throw up all night, and it's best to have moral support--if not a less-easily grossed out spouse--on hand for such times

*  If you haven't used them in a few years, it's possible to be stumped for an entire week before remembering that the "spring" decoration boxes also includes an "Easter" box.

*  The knowledge that I've probably finally gotten the hip problem under control would be a lot more exciting if all the additional injuries from stress and trying to fix it didn't mean I was laying on the heating pad right now.

*  The only time our having two last names is ever really a problem is when we have to figure out which last name our cats are known by at the vet.  We should have given them hyphenated last names, I guess.

*  Never, ever, EVER buy a house near an airport.  If the noise doesn't get you, being constantly used as a shuttle service and/or hotel will.

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