Friday, March 29, 2013

New Lesson Learned

Remember how I thought the crocuses were coming up?  Nope--they are miniature daffodils:
I actually didn't know there was such a thing as a miniature daffodil, much less that the bag of "tete a tete" daffodils I was purchasing meant miniature daffodils, but live and learn.  Probably serves me right--since I have a minor in Latin, I sort of assumed I could speak plant somewhat proficiently.  And, in my defense, "tete a tete" is both French and doesn't mean miniature AT ALL (being literally "head to head)," so I'm not sure why I would have guessed.  But I was relieved to find out that the bulbs we planted were indeed supposed to be 6 inches tall rather than it being that we had done something drastically wrong--besides planting them in the BACK of the bed.  This may still work in our favor, as these little guys seem to be an early variety, so they might be done before they get overrun by the taller plants such as iris and zinnias, but I'm going to need a MUCH smaller bud vase than I thought. 

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