Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring or Whatever

We either finally got the crocuses (croci?) to come up,
 or we have done something really bad to the daffodils we planted.  Of course, they are getting going just in time to get snow today:
 as did the remainder of the spinach, which I only planted yesterday.
 To be fair, they looked terrible when I planted them, too.  The heat of the greenhouse was getting them.  But it was brilliant timing,
 don't you think?

In the meantime,
Andy took some of our purple iris tubers and is forcing them indoors.  A friend of ours told us this absolutely would not work as iris aren't actually bulbs, but the iris are unaware of this fact, so they're growing like mad.  It's amazing how many things one can actually do which people will tell you can't be done.  Guess that shows how little armchair experts can be believed.

Our other new indoor plant:
BASIL!  Okay, if all of these little sprouts live, they are going to have to be split into a whole bunch of pots and a few moved outside, but I always like to give houseplants a head start.  With my track record, that's only fair..........

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bittenbyknittin said...

My daffs are making a valiant effort but now 4" to 8" inches of snow is forecast for Sunday night. I recently read about growing tulips in pots, something I might try, to foil the bunnies. They eat my crocus, too, the little varmints. Some of my indoor starts are doing okay, others are surprisingly resistant to sprouting. What do those seeds know that we don't?


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