Friday, March 8, 2013

The Greenhouse - First Wave!

 The "cold hardy" plants are thriving,
and are being moved outside as I can do it.  Some of the spinach got moved out a few weeks ago, but everything else is on the "as the back can stand it" plan,
which is slow. 

It's Idaho spring now, which means sunlight dotted with pretty much anything--snow, hail, rain, or some combination thereof, so Andy installed a vent last weekend:
The tube thingy is filled with gas, so when the greenhouse gets hot, it automatically expands and the vent gets opened.  When it cools off, the gas shrinks and it closes.  WAY cool program.  Literally.

Our gardening kitty is thrilled with the greenhouse as it adds a few months to gardening season,
though we still have the always-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-door-problem.  At least inside she doesn't howl.

Last year I got my peppers started too late, so this year I was determined to keep on top of it, 
 and could still be a tad late.  Most of them are to be started 10 weeks before the last frost date, but our "last frost date" is about a 10 day period, so I just squeaked in under the deadline for the last date.  A summer without salsa is simply not to be considered.

I've also started several flowers, my favorite being these:
 I forget what they are, but they have to sprout in the dark.  That was pretty easy, but I still want to know how they ever learned to grow in nature.  One has sprouted, one hasn't, and what the package fails to mention is when to UNCOVER the sprout.  Just once there is visible plant?  Do I need to introduce it to light slowly?  Whenever I plant something, I'm pretty much convinced it isn't going to grow until proved otherwise, so I never think of these questions ahead of time. 

 And, I am proud to show you this:
It's something I pinned on Pinterest that I am actually using! For those that aren't familiar with Pinterest, I think the best description I have ever heard is "Fantasy Football for Women."  You can create your own "boards," then when you run across a recipe or craft idea or whatever on the web, you "pin" it to your board.  I've "pinned" almost 350 ideas, and I think this is the 5th or 6th one I've actually followed through on, which makes me the front-runner among my friends.  I bought ingredients to make a recipe I pinned, which if I actually do it will, frankly, make me a GOD among my friends.  There is even a running joke about needing a Pinterest party where one has to bring food one made from a recipe one pinned on Pinterest.  This one happens to be a simple sprinkler.  I punched tiny holes in the lid (which works better OUTWARD rather than INWARD, by the way), and it sprinkles water on my seedlings without bombing them with water pellets like the commercial watering can does.  That it's FREE makes it even better.  That I finally used a "pin" makes it fantastic.  If I make it to using 10, I'm thinking I can expect a call from Ripley.......

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