Saturday, April 20, 2013

Being Housebound Is Easier In the Spring

.....but not by much.  Yesterday was my first day with much mobility, so I could at least get out to the greenhouse--until the rain and lightning came.  I know the greenhouse isn't the tallest thing on our property, but I still don't want to be out there when lighting is popping.  I did get some things transplanted into bigger pots,
including the basil, which is exciting as I just took the last container of basil mustard out of the freezer.
 Two of the first zinnias had outgrown their pots as well, and so far a cucumber has even survived the process.  Personally, I've never had good luck transplanting cucumbers, but I thought I'd give it another shot. 

The tomatoes are progressing,
and the tray that NOTHING grew in so I just plastered it with zinnia seeds is

sort of a mess.  And three tomato plants finally decided to pop up in the middle of the flowers.  Whatever.

My first petunia has bloomed!
which would make me want to go get more of them if A) I could drive right now, and B) if I wasn't going to have to find spots for 50+ zinnias in a few weeks.  While I appreciate being able to make it down the stairs and even get outside at times, I am REALLY ready for this whole back saga to be over.  I can't even opt for the specialist that would be the next step yet, because it isn't my hip that hurts.  The pain is all related to when I sprained my back doing the new version of PT exercises, and until all the ancillary injuries clear up, they can't send me to an SI joint dysfunction specialist, because that might not be a problem once everything else heals.  So, I've done the exercises I can, am resting now, and am hoping that everything heals enough to be able to get somewhere--anywhere--besides our house in the next week.

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