Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Laugh For Today

This cracked me up:
When working campaigns last year, Facebook and Twitter were the bane of my existence.  Sure, they can help spread a message.  BUT, neither could get votes or money, which are the two main things campaigns need.  However, guess what everyone wanted to do?  Yup, Twitter, Facebook and the web page.  Because they were a great way to pretend one was making contact or doing something productive without having to do anything out of one's comfort zone, like actually talk to a human.  They're fine tools, but my stress level would have decreased significantly had Twitter gone off line entirely.

I actually feel sorry for charities since the invention of social media.  Even before Facebook and Twitter, I would have people show up at my diabetes walks and be chapped that they didn't get a free t-shirt just for showing up.  Thanks to the ribbon campaigns, they had convinced themselves that them showing up and snagging a free t-shirt somehow "raised awareness" and "showed support."  One, you pretty much have to have grown up under a rock to have not heard of diabetes at least once in your life.  Fastest growing disease in America, in the news every day, all sorts of scams touted as "cures," and shelves of supposedly "diabetes-friendly" products everywhere made it hard to avoid.  Second, t-shirts cost MONEY.  Charities typically NEED money--they don't so much need to find ways to spend it.  Trying to raise money with the onslaught of status shares and the ability to "like" a page and feel you've accomplished something has given rise to the new term "slacktivism"--doing absolutely nothing but pretending you did.  I'm not sure what charities will do in a few years when there are entire generations of potential donors who have been raised to think clicking a mouse actually helps anyone, but thankfully, it won't be my problem.  :)

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bittenbyknittin said...

The charities that I have stopped supporting are the ones that seem to spend the money I send them creating mailings to ask me for more money. And it seems the more times I "like" a cause on FB, the more spam I get in my email. The causes and charities that allow you to send money via one's smart phone seem to find that an effective way to raise money, even though there are no t-shirts involved.


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