Monday, May 6, 2013

Flirting With Danger...

....or at least winking from across the room.

We're having an unusually warm May and have had a VERY dry spring, so gardening will be interesting this year.  May 10 is the historic last frost date for Boise (the one meaning 50% chance of frost after Saturday), but historic dates consider neither Global Warming nor the more extreme weather patterns it causes.  In spite of the almanac's planting guide,   
my cold-weather plants have been thriving outside for a month and a half to two months already.  Last week,
since wild squash were popping up everywhere, I moved the cucumbers outside.  The one in the bottom corner had gotten so big that I didn't think it would make the transition, but they're fine.  The potatoes are up,
and since the predictions for actual weather for the rest of the month show no evenings below even 40,
part of the tomatoes went out today. As the greenhouse is getting so hot that I have to move the plants out everyday anyway,
it will be easier to cover the beds if there is a late frost than to keep moving the plants to bigger and bigger pots.  Maybe I'm just not that good at it, but I find plants do better when they aren't too large when transplanting--and some of mine are REALLY pushing the limits.  Getting really daring, the biggest
peppers moved outside today, which it seems crazy early to plant, but are beginning to really not like being in pots.  If the weather predictions are wrong and it does drop below 40 at night, peppers transplant very easily for me, so we can cover them up if it's just one night, or I can dig them up and put them back in the greenhouse if I need to.  It's actually getting so warm that I'm more concerned about it being a bit hot for the plants to go out in another two weeks.  So..........I am about to have an insane obsession with the weather--at least for the next few weeks................

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