Wednesday, May 1, 2013

They Restored The Dot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new contacts arrived today, and I was thrilled to see that they have restored the dot on the right contact.  I've worn gas-permeable contacts since about 13, and they used to always have a dot on the right contact.  I thought this made perfect sense, as there was no other way to tell them apart, and while one eye is stronger than the other, I won't just automatically notice that I have them switched.  The last time I went to the eye doctor--about 4 years ago--I was a bit depressed about going as I was having a bit more trouble seeing clearly, and since I was approaching 40, I thought my eyes might be changing to the "now-needs-help-to-read" setting known as AGING.  So my embarrassment was tinged with relief when my doctor told me I had the contacts in the wrong eyes.  I might have been a dope, but I wasn't an aging dope!

This time, my eyes had finally changed, but I hadn't mixed up my contacts again.  It's easier to do than you think, because there have been times when I have been somewhere and have forgotten my contact case, and in these scenarios, I can put them in a bowl of water overnight.  So when they stopped putting a dot on one contact, I had to rely on either finding TWO containers (which isn't always possible) or hoping that the silly things would stay still while I fished one of them out of the bowl, which they don't.  So to see a tiny black dot on the edge of the new right contact just completely made my day!!!!!!!!

I have GOT to start getting out more............

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LoriU said...

I find when I need something to put contacts in... shot glasses work well, and 'oddly,' whenever I've been somewhere and forgot my contact container... wherever I've been staying has a couple :) Funny... that all sounds racier in print than in my head.

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