Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things We Have Learned This Month

*  Before giving the free sample of canned kitty food to your finicky cat, best to check the price in case he then decides it's the only canned kitty food to eat.

*  When one spends more time preparing the cat's meal than the human meals, it's time for official Crazy Cat Lady status.

*  If one sees a second crack in the glass and thinks, "Hm, I wonder if it's about to break," a rather brilliant way to find out is to try hand-washing it.........and the answer is "YES."

*  It's easy to forget how quickly one can go from no tomatoes, to a few tomatoes, to "OMG! THE TOMATOES!"

*  When giving a cat liquid medication, it's always best to load the syringe with extra to account for what is going to end up on the walls, floors, windows, and in your hair.  All of it will never end up inside the cat.

*  When giving a cat medication in pill form, it's best to ask the vet for sedatives--for you AND the cat.

*  Giving a cat medication that can be sprinkled on his food is somewhat less stressful than all other options, but one will then spend one's entire day trying to convince the cat to eat the food with the medication.

*  The smellier the canned fish, the easier it is to disguise the smell of the drugs.  It also seems to increase the cat's need to head-bump you in the middle of the night with kitty fish-breath.

*  After a month of following your cat around either trying to get him to eat fish or checking how much he can urinate at any moment, one starts to wonder why one's cat got so stressed about one's absence................

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