Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Holiday Weekend

So, my theory was that if I canned one thing a day, I'd get caught up with the garden.  So Thursday,
I made pickles.  I'm getting enough cucumbers to make small batches, but with the number of plants I put in, I should be overrun with cucumbers.  I think the severe heat stunted them.

 I made zucchini barbecue relish.  I did not grow zucchini this year, which makes me incredibly popular with all my friends who did.  I didn't even think I liked relish until I met this one.  And a double batch used up THREE zucchini, which is saying a lot. 

And today's canning is...........................not happening.  It turns out, two days in a row of canning is exhausting.  But maybe tomorrow.............

About the time I really hate the garden,
the terrific food kicks in.  The large peppers are Gypsy peppers, which are almost as sweet yellow as they are when they turn red, but are much faster to grow than the red peppers we see in the stores.  For the TRUE sweet red pepper lover, the tiny red peppers are called Red Popper.  They all come on at once, and they're a bit of a pain if you want to chop them, but Andy put them on kabobs last night, and they are AMAZING.  One of the perks to raising a garden is getting food one simply can't find in stores.  Gypsy peppers have shown up in a local store recently, but grocery chains are never going to go for something like the Red Poppers. Too bad--I'm thinking they'd make great appetizers with a little filling -- maybe feta or goat cheese?  Once we quit gobbling them up raw, of course...............

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