Friday, August 23, 2013

"No Pain" Is Harder Than It Sounds

So the new physical therapy includes soft tissue work, and for something that is "soft" it hurts like crazy.  Basically after two years of being in almost constant pain, I have created a knot of muscles in one of my butt cheeks that is now possibly causing the original hip problem, or at least contributing to it.  Either way, it has to be dealt with before we know the original problem is ironed out, so twice a week I go in and she works those muscles over.  It's helping, but it really, really, REALLY hurts as well, and quite often I'm pretty much through for the day afterwards.  I have some killer exercises to do as well, but the therapist has stressed over and over and over that I am not to do anything that hurts.  And, in my defense, I haven't.  But Monday while driving to my appointment with the physiatrist, it started to hurt a bit, and now I understand why I'm not supposed to do anything that hurt.  Pain is now a spiral--it went from a little bit of pain to ultimately winding up those sore muscles, and by Monday night I hurt like crazy.  Tuesday's therapy session showed a big set-back in getting those muscles unwound, and if I'd have known any state secrets, I would have turned them over within 5 minutes of her starting on me.  I spent most of Tuesday with the heating pad and Valium, and felt good enough Wednesday for
canning!  It's hot and tiring, but I find it just supremely satisfying to have control over so much of our diet.  I made my favorite pickle recipe,
 then a mixed-pepper salsa:
It's supposed to be all jalapeno peppers, but that would be much hotter than I could stand, so I mixed Anaheim, poblano, and jalapeno peppers.  Two of my poblanos had matured to red, which might explain why the salsa is red instead of green this time.  It's basically a mix of half peppers and half tomatoes, but in the past it's turned out a bit more green than red.  Oh well, I swear I double- and triple-checked the recipe, and for a double batch it came pretty close to the estimated jar count, so I'm not too worried.  I was even able to pick enough tomatoes to can that I didn't need to use any of the frozen ones, so that's an increase from last week.

Yesterday, of course, I hurt again, and today is very sensitive, but at least I'm getting some good days.  The doctor warned me that this could take months, but as it's already taken almost two years, a couple months to get better beats the daylights out of two years of NOT getting better. 

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bittenbyknittin said...

I'm so glad you have found someone to work on your soft tissue issues! I get a deep tissue massage every four weeks, and yes it hurts every time, but not as much as at first. Plus, the pain means you need that massage. I also am reading a book called "Muscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living" which addresses the causes of those knots. For example, my hip problems are probably caused by walking duck-toed. I've been correcting my gait and it is helping the hip pain. Good luck with your new therapy!


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