Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Squash Wars - The 2013 Version

I did not plant squash this year.  However,
we got squash anyway.  I kept up with weeding out the "volunteer" plants pretty well, but these got a head start because they were right where I planted cucumbers and I initially thought they WERE cucumbers, and then when I couldn't get the beans growing, I thought I'd just leave them until the squash bugs hit or we got some squash.  BUT, in the perversity known around here as The Squash Wars, the squash bugs have left these along AND they're some sort of unidentifiable mutants.  We think the top one is a cross between patty-pan and pumpkins or butternut, but the bottom one is a bit of a mystery.  It looks like a watermelon, but we haven't grown watermelon and the only watermelon we've eaten for several years now are the seedless ones, so it has to be some sort of mutant squash.  Zucchini and spaghetti maybe?   

 I may get my ass kicked by squash every year, but thankfully peppers love me:
Gypsy peppers are my new favorite.  They're sweet and are terrific raw, but also stand up to cooking, and are early and prolific.  I even saw them in the grocery store yesterday, so they must be growing in popularity.  They're much less bitter than regular bell peppers, but don't take as long as sweet red peppers.  AND, most importantly, they're the pepper I actually planted.  Always a cause for celebration in my garden..........

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bittenbyknittin said...

The mystery squash plant in my compost pile has not produced anything besides vines. Are you going to eat your mystery squash? You may be developing new varieties!

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