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Seven Happy Years and Counting

Today is our seventh wedding anniversary.  Time flies when you're in love and having fun.........................:)


I have decided that my Spring Self must have it in for my Fall Self.  My Spring Self sees nothing wrong with 8 poblano plants, or planting every single tomato seedling I get to sprout because my Spring Self won't have to deal with the consequences.  That is for Fall Self, who is now picking tomatoes daily and wondering what kind of glue Spring Self was sniffing when she decided to let Mystery Squash live and who thought this year's tomato harvest should both make up for last year AND put one ahead for next year. It's probably best they actually never meet--my Fall Self would punch Spring Self in the nose right about now...........

Fingers Crossed

Canning hit a bit of a snag this week when I was flattened with a cold, but I'm hoping to tackle those tomatoes again tomorrow. 

is one of this year's most hopeful experiments:  Roasted Poblano Salsa.  Like most canned salsa, it was quite nasty to taste before it went in the jars, but I'm hoping that those roasted poblano peppers will live up to our expectations after this has time to mellow for a bit.  Poblano peppers are my favorite hot peppers--probably because they are the least hot of the "hot" peppers.  That gives them lots of flavor with less eye-watering.  Dried, they're called "chile ancho,"  though I haven't tried drying any yet.  With 8 poblano plants, this might be the year to try.........

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