Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Things I Have Just Learned To Live With

*  Just because everyone else's garden froze last week doesn't necessarily mean mine isn't still going strong.

*  When trying a new canning recipe, it's always a good idea to have a few extra jars ready.  Especially when the recipe says idiotic things like "cook until thick."

*  There are times when I will use TWICE the number of jars a canning recipe says I will.  While it may indeed be a time for rampant cursing, it isn't a cause for panic.

*  If I had decided to plant only part of my tomato starts, I would probably have had very few actually producing.  Deciding to plant ALL of them seems to inspire a competitive streak in them for overproducing.  There is nothing in between. 

*  NOT planting zucchini has made me very popular with my other gardening friends, and has landed us with more zucchini than when we grow the silly stuff.

*  A refrigerator is much bigger in the store than it is during harvest season.

*  Living in Idaho doesn't actually guarantee that one can grow potatoes easily

*  No matter how dedicated I think I'll be, I am always ready for the garden to die when October rolls around--which seems to invigorate the garden.  Dang it.

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bittenbyknittin said...

I too am ready for a killing frost. Instead, we still have tomatoes and peppers. I like the *idea* of gardening year 'round (or as close as I can get to it in zone 5), but for that to happen, I would have to actually want to BE in the garden occasionally this time of year.

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