Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things I Have Learned From Facebook

*  One may have barely been able to pass high school, but given a Facebook or Twitter account, everyone is an expert on everything from medicine to economics.

*  Only the most foolish "news" stories get "buzz" on Facebook.  Miley Cyrus is STILL all over Facebook, but I had to check the BBC to read about the death of one of the last remaining SS officers.

* Something called "Breaking Bad" is ending or has ended, and this has some sort of huge impact on people's lives.  We, the unaware, seem to be able to carry on, though.........

*  The only way to continue to like some people is to NOT be connected to them on Facebook.

*  Being related is no reason to maintain a relationship with anyone.  People who make your skin crawl are people who make your skin crawl.

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