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Happy Thanksgiving!


No! Not Monday Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanksgiving is Coming!

I love Thanksgiving. Besides the wonderful spirit of the holiday, I love the idea that America's greatest culinary tradition started with someone looking at a piece of stale bread and saying, "Hm, I wonder where I could put this................"

But I WAS In The Lead.........

Over the weekend, I was actually the one doing the best here at the Château.  Was I just a wee bit smug over being the healthiest one for a change?  I must have been, for the Evil Back Fairies struck hard and fast Monday night in their worst attack in quite some time.

I don't know exactly what started it as I swear I didn't do anything that I wasn't supposed to do, and even when I went out to plant garlic, I did just 2 rows and worked very hard at everything the therapist said about body mechanics.  But all day I was having on-and-off pain, which is relatively new.  Dull aching can actually be because of the cold because there is still a lot of muscular healing to happen, but that doesn't come and go and is pretty dull.  This was a more intense pain, and I decided to try the stretches that usually take care of most pain.

............and made it 10 times worse.  I have no idea what was going on, but after a pain pill and the amount of Valium that usually knocks me out, …

Slow Motion Weekend

To recap last week:

*  Theo, another round of stress-related bladder issues, trip to the vet for shots
*  Calisto, unknown but VERY smelly problem. Trip to the vet and 10 days of bubble-gum flavored antibiotics to be given twice a day
*  Andy, business trip to be topped off with a really bad cold and cough
*  Toni, still coping with the recent back set-back and 2 related doctors appointments

Let's just say that if there is a mouse somewhere in the house, it wins for having had the best week last week. 

Everyone is running at about half-speed, though Andy managed to get one of the garden beds dug up for the garlic before the cold beat him back into submission, and I got one row of garlic planted and
13 pints of crushed tomatoes canned before I was flattened by my back.  It seems bizarre to say that we were pretty well wiped out after such a small amount of activity, but it's true.  The Chateau residents were all well-zonked out by the time 9:00 pm rolled around last night.  If …

Almost Done!!!

Okay, there may be a few POUNDS of tomatoes in the freezer, but at least the garden has finally died and most of the tomatoes are used up.  I'll take another stab at canning tomorrow and we might be able to use the freezers for something besides tomatoes soon..........................