Monday, November 11, 2013

Slow Motion Weekend

To recap last week:

*  Theo, another round of stress-related bladder issues, trip to the vet for shots
*  Calisto, unknown but VERY smelly problem. Trip to the vet and 10 days of bubble-gum flavored antibiotics to be given twice a day
*  Andy, business trip to be topped off with a really bad cold and cough
*  Toni, still coping with the recent back set-back and 2 related doctors appointments

Let's just say that if there is a mouse somewhere in the house, it wins for having had the best week last week. 

Everyone is running at about half-speed, though Andy managed to get one of the garden beds dug up for the garlic before the cold beat him back into submission, and I got one row of garlic planted and
13 pints of crushed tomatoes canned before I was flattened by my back.  It seems bizarre to say that we were pretty well wiped out after such a small amount of activity, but it's true.  The Chateau residents were all well-zonked out by the time 9:00 pm rolled around last night.  If we're feeling wild, we might try for 9:30 tonight.................

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