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Things I Have Learned From the Back Problems

*  John Wayne didn't walk so funny after all

*  Those who get addicted to pain pills got different meds than me

*  A hot tub is worth its weight in gold

*  Some people will use your back pain as an excuse to tell you about their back pain for the 47th time.  These people are to be avoided at all costs.  One pain in the backside is enough

*  There have been numerous set backs, but none of them took me back to the days of not being able to put on my own socks.  This is an important benchmark

*  We need to hang a few pictures on the ceiling in the room where I do my exercises every day

*  The first real spring day is going to end in pain

*  Slow improvement is improvement

*  Don't let yourself be nagged or bullied into things you're not ready to do.  The nagger isn't the one who lives with the subsequent pain--you do. 

*  Be thankful for friends--they're the ones who are going to see you through everything

New Lesson Learned

Remember how I thought the crocuses were coming up?  Nope--they are miniature daffodils:
I actually didn't know there was such a thing as a miniature daffodil, much less that the bag of "tete a tete" daffodils I was purchasing meant miniature daffodils, but live and learn.  Probably serves me right--since I have a minor in Latin, I sort of assumed I could speak plant somewhat proficiently.  And, in my defense, "tete a tete" is both French and doesn't mean miniature AT ALL (being literally "head to head)," so I'm not sure why I would have guessed.  But I was relieved to find out that the bulbs we planted were indeed supposed to be 6 inches tall rather than it being that we had done something drastically wrong--besides planting them in the BACK of the bed.  This may still work in our favor, as these little guys seem to be an early variety, so they might be done before they get overrun by the taller plants such as iris and zinnias, but I'm go…

Spring or Whatever

We either finally got the crocuses (croci?) to come up,
 or we have done something really bad to the daffodils we planted.  Of course, they are getting going just in time to get snow today:
 as did the remainder of the spinach, which I only planted yesterday.
 To be fair, they looked terrible when I planted them, too.  The heat of the greenhouse was getting them.  But it was brilliant timing,
 don't you think?

In the meantime,
Andy took some of our purple iris tubers and is forcing them indoors.  A friend of ours told us this absolutely would not work as iris aren't actually bulbs, but the iris are unaware of this fact, so they're growing like mad.  It's amazing how many things one can actually do which people will tell you can't be done.  Guess that shows how little armchair experts can be believed.

Our other new indoor plant:
BASIL!  Okay, if all of these little sprouts live, they are going to have to be split into a whole bunch of pots and a few moved outside, …

The Greenhouse - First Wave!

The "cold hardy" plants are thriving,
and are being moved outside as I can do it.  Some of the spinach got moved out a few weeks ago, but everything else is on the "as the back can stand it" plan,
which is slow. 

It's Idaho spring now, which means sunlight dotted with pretty much anything--snow, hail, rain, or some combination thereof, so Andy installed a vent last weekend:
The tube thingy is filled with gas, so when the greenhouse gets hot, it automatically expands and the vent gets opened.  When it cools off, the gas shrinks and it closes.  WAY cool program.  Literally.

Our gardening kitty is thrilled with the greenhouse as it adds a few months to gardening season,
though we still have the always-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-door-problem.  At least inside she doesn't howl.

Last year I got my peppers started too late, so this year I was determined to keep on top of it, 
 and could still be a tad late.  Most of them are to be started 10 weeks before the las…

Lessons Learned This Week

*  While Valium usually knocks me silly, there are the occasional nights when it hypes me up and I can't sleep, leaving me worse off the next day than I was to begin with.  I just love a relationship that keeps reinventing itself.

*  Never schedule a vet appointment for when your spouse is out of town.  The stress can often make kitties nervous enough to throw up all night, and it's best to have moral support--if not a less-easily grossed out spouse--on hand for such times

*  If you haven't used them in a few years, it's possible to be stumped for an entire week before remembering that the "spring" decoration boxes also includes an "Easter" box.

*  The knowledge that I've probably finally gotten the hip problem under control would be a lot more exciting if all the additional injuries from stress and trying to fix it didn't mean I was laying on the heating pad right now.

*  The only time our having two last names is ever really a problem is…

She Can Learn!

Today my back had a pretty decent day.  I'm a long way from where I was when I fell, but I got to spend about half the day up and around--part of it even without the help of Valium.  So, my normal impulse would be to try to sleep without Valium, but over the last year, I think I've proved that my normal impulses and an injury that needs time to heal are incompatible.  So, it's a Valium night.  Hey, it only took a year to figure this out.............