Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day every year, Andy and I make each other gifts.  We set "themes" for certain things every year, because 40 years of trying to come up with gifts for each other 4 times a year would be daunting, to say the least.  So, for our wedding anniversary, we always exchange perfume and cologne--a different scent for each other every year.  For Christmas, we always have a price limit and a theme of some sort.  And for Valentine's Day, we lovingly hand-make each other gifts, and the other one promises to ignore all the swearing and foul language that went in to the making OF the gift.  This is an important caveat as so often gifts for Andy involve collars and buttonholes, and I never did get the wooden box Andy was making for me last year because while he was trying to get it "just right," the box blew apart.  We hadn't ever talked about that as a factor because if a sewing or knitting project blows up, we've probably got bigger problems than whether or not a gift is late--like my sewing room suddenly being in the next county or on top of the neighbor's house. 

And in a true sign of compatibility, today is Valentine's Day and neither of us is even CLOSE to having a finished gift to present to the other.  If one was always on time and the other late, this would be a problem, but as that has hardly ever been the case on either side, it works out perfectly.  Sometime within the next 365 days, we'll each get an unexpected Valentine's gift, so we just celebrate TWICE.  What's more romantic than that?

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