Saturday, February 8, 2014

Move Over Lassie

Yesterday when I was out shoveling snow, my little side-kick, Theo, had been out with me, supervising from a safe (and dry) position.  I am not sure what exactly I did wrong, but the next thing I knew, he had gone running in to get Andy and bring him outside.  Lassie's got nothing over my cat, except perhaps that I wasn't down a wall and hadn't fallen or even so much as slipped.  Today I was clearing off the landing that is part-way up our staircase,
 and I'll admit, I did start to climb onto it as I normally do in order to clean it thoroughly, but this
stopped me.  I wish I had been fast enough with the camera to catch the truly horrified look on his face, but he is correct.  While I think my back could have done it, climbing onto something without being able to put any pressure on one's hands probably is pretty idiotic, so
 I chose an alternative method and Theo agreed to not run off and tell Andy.

As a younger sibling, I am MORE than used to tattle-tales, but this is my first ever tattle-tale with a tail.  Tattle-tail?

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