Friday, March 21, 2014

Gardening Resolutions For 2014

*  Just because I didn't plant the cold weather crops last month, it doesn't really mean I'm behind.  It just means I haven't needed to find creative things to do with an overflow of spinach.

*  There are many gardening techniques out there, and while many of them are perfectly valid, they might not work for us.  After failed potato boxes and 3 years of poor harvests, I am taking it as a sign and moving on.  We live in Idaho, for heaven's sake--we can BUY potatoes.

*  I no longer have any expectations that my phlox seeds will grow--now I just plant them as a sacrifice to the God of Fussy Plants

*  Just because I bought a little bag of onion sets, I'm not necessarily obligated to plant them..especially when we are just now finding onions from the ones I planted last year.

I'm much less concerned about trying to keep the yard looking nice for the sake of the neighborhood now that I know how many of my neighbors let their dogs crap in our yard

I'm a lot less worried about tomatoes this year since I still have two bags of them in the freezer that haven't been used.....

*  I'm sure I'll regret it in a couple months, but when they're just seeds, it's hard to imagine such a thing as too many snow peas......

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