Monday, March 10, 2014

Moving On

I still have a long way to go with my back, which maybe hasn't been helped by my recent over exuberance, but I'm still making progress.  Last week involved moving boxes around to find room for
a desk!  When we moved in, I gave my desk to Andy and haven't had one since, and after 7.5 years, I decided enough is enough and started checking Craigslist. I've always wanted a roll top desk, and we were able to find this one for a reasonable amount of money.  I spent several days cleaning up the back room, and Wednesday night a friend came over to help Andy drag the thing upstairs.  While I probably have the strongest back muscles of anyone we know, this thing is surprisingly heavy and my back is still tired just from the cleaning.  And, perhaps, from sitting on the ball too long.  Sitting on the silver ball instead of a chair helps keep my core muscles strong, but can also overwork muscles quite easily, so I'm trying to remember to alternate with the chair.  I'm quite excited to have drawers again, and it will almost make doing our taxes less painful. 

Since the desk would have to be for the very back room upstairs, basically everything had to be cleaned out of the hallway, and I'm still getting everything cleaned and put back. This year my cute little ornament tree is displaying our JOINT ornament effort for the year:
which is fun.  The one you can see most clearly is a woodworker at a scroll saw.  Aside from the baseball cap, which Andy never wears, it could be a self-portrait.  We'll be keeping that one I think.

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