Saturday, March 29, 2014


Now that I've given myself a bit of a setback and can't actually sit and haven't been able to work in the soon-to-be office, Calisto has rediscovered her cat bed in there:
I wish I looked this cute when I'm at my desk, but alas..........

Two weeks ago today I managed to twist my hip back out of place and didn't get it back in until the next day, so it was both a painful weekend AND left me completely unable to sit for a week.  I had physical therapy this week and I am all back in place, but everything is still "touchy," so I'm trying to behave myself.  Some days I'm better behaved than others, and there was a party I attended on full pain meds AND Valium which made me quite sick the next day, but overall I'm still making progress.  It just isn't going to be easy or, apparently, a straight line.  

For the sake of doing nothing awful, I'm enjoying the front flowers without getting worried about the weeds,
and I'm not going to bother about whatever died here leaving the blank spot,
though we're hoping to remember to add some more hyacinth and mini daffodils there this fall.  Now that I know they're only going to be 6-inches tall, I sort of like the little daffodils.  When I had to wonder what on earth I could have done to stunt their growth so badly, I wasn't overly pleased with them.  Who can be pleased over mutants?

I am behind on my seedlings,
since the only things even vaguely sprouting are basil, stocks, and zinnias.  Tomatoes?  Not yet.  Peppers?  Nope.  We might be buying starts this year, which is more money than seeds but far less than physical therapy bills, so we can live with it.  I actually really get a kick out of growing my garden from seeds, and get quite attached to my little plants as I replant them and harden them off and they finally graduate to the big outdoors, but I have decided that not everything has to happen this year.  Next year I'll be stronger.  Hopefully.

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