Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sooner or Later, Everything Is Going To Work

The original problem--sacroiliac joint dysfunction--is probably as fixed as it is going to be.  I'll never be able to NOT do exercises and therapy to hold it in place (unless maybe when I am old enough to have arthritis sort of fuse it in place), but that's okay.  Exercise is good for me and having muscles is always a good thing.

The secondary problem--the knot of pain that was pulling my muscles out of whack last year and caused the visit to the physiatrist--is getting fixed.  The muscles have to take time to heal, but I think they are because I get fewer and fewer random "zaps" of pain and thankfully that my-backside-predicts-snow thing didn't last very long.

The tertiary problem--standing wrong to accommodate the pain--is hopefully fixed

The sitting problem may never be fixed. 

The NEW challenge (because I've just SO enjoyed all the others): The latest therapy has changed how I've walked my entire life.  When I was a kid, my parents put my sister and I in "corrective shoes."  Did anyone else have those?  You do this with horses, and for some foot problems for kids.  The idea (behind both kids and horses) is to change the foot/walking/stance problem as the bones are growing with a shoe that "corrects" the stance.  I don't know if there were other issues, but I have always walked a bit more on the outside of my right foot than I should, so all my shoes get worn away on the outside of the heel.  If the corrective shoes did anything (aside from just being REALLY good shoes, which is always a big help), they didn't do anything to correct this problem.  And now I'm 43, so this has been going on for a while.  So it was REALLY noticeable with all the walking I now do that I was walking more centered on my foot than I ever did.  Apparently, the inner part of my foot hasn't been too involved in my walking, because I could REALLY feel the difference.  The exercises I do now to strengthen my core pull very hard on my muscles, and they seem to have straightened out a crookedness that I was probably born with.  This is probably good news as it will head off MANY future hip/knee/back/foot issues that could develop with aging AND would explain why working through this latest round of physical therapy has been SO painful and exhausting and why I've had such a hard time getting strong enough to walk in the pool.  However, the additional pressure of the resistance of water might have been a bit too much for my right knee, because Tuesday it really hurt.  I'm used to the left knee hurting once in a while because I've injured it, but the right knee has always been fine.  I'll have the therapist look at it, but I think it's probably just part of the adjustment process.  I do quite a few exercises to strengthen the legs, but while it's in "adjustment" mode, I think I'll start dividing my hour between the recumbent bikes and the pool to help strengthen the muscles now that they're in a new position.  AND THEN I think everything will be fixed.  Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!

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