Monday, July 28, 2014

Prepare Yourselves For a Shock.......

I am culling books!  And not just a few--I have made serious inroads toward filling a box:
As a former English major, a book lover, and a rescuer of obscure books from library book sales, this is huge for me.  Some were duplicates, a couple were stinkers, but most were just things I was never going to read again.  Today I have admitted that I am not going to finish reading the volume of popular plays during the Restoration.  It wasn't bad stuff, but if you have just gone through a period of beheading a king, Civil War, being ruled by Puritans who banned any and all forms of fun (including Christmas), and THEN invited back the son of the beheaded king because you have promised faithfully to not behead him as well, I think your best drama hasn't exactly been reserved for the theater............And Dante's Inferno.  How many times can anyone with free will actually read that one?  If I feel a desperate need to revisit circles of hell, I will try yet again to figure out how Google+ works.  Besides,
 I needed the shelf space.  Luckily my mother-in-law taught me the space saving trick of stacking books 2-deep in the shelves, which is wonderful.  I will never really be an e-book person as I love the physical nature of books, though the dust was a bit much today.  I still have a long way to go, but I was very proud that I only stopped to read a few times, and tonight my reward is to settle down with this:
 I've always liked American Heritage magazine, but haven't subscribed for a while, so was delighted to find this at a library book sale--I'd guess for less than a dollar.  Maybe someone else will be as excited to find a book of Restoration dramas.....................?

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